Investors Are Bullying The Inventory

Investors Are Bullying The Housing Inventory: Time To Fight Back!

Living in America and having the opportunity to gain financial wealth are slimming by the day. Investors are gobbling up inventory at a pace not seen since quarter 1 of 2020. From a numbers perspective, about one in every six homes are being bought by investors.

Investors are binge buying single-family homes aggressively.  With investors throwing money into the housing market, homebuyers are facing the challenge of competing because investors are paying with all cash, which means they often have a much higher chance of winning bidding wars than buyers who take out mortgages.

About three-quarters (74%) of investor home purchases in the second quarter were paid in all cash — the highest level since 2018. 

My take on the market is this, if you are in a position to invest in real estate, do it. Whether you’re a first time home buyer, someone who is looking to add rental income to your portfolio, or a person looking to find an opportunity in a rehab type of property, now is the time to take a step in that direction.

Kewaunee and Door County are prime spots to locate these types of opportunities, but out-of-town investors are becoming privy to the fact that these counties are great destination places that could boost the Airbnb model.   

I’d love the opportunity to have a chat with you if this is something that resonates with you.  I can help you get there!

Our lending partner, Jason Schultz of USA Mortgage has many options for our clients. Getting pre-approval is crucial in a market like this, mix that in with investors, and it becomes even more significant.

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