Door County Home Buye Guide offers an out of town buyer program that puts our clients at the forefront of opportunity and exposes the best available properties to match our consumer wants and needs.

Door County is a sought destination for Wisconsinites and out of towners that offers some of the best explorings, lake life, wine/beer tasting, golf, and some of the best offshore fishing the state of Wisconsin has to offer.

Our out of town buyer program connects our buyers to their specific wants and needs on automation and provides continual updates as matched properties hit the market. This is genuinely a fantastic alternative for those used to using Zillow. Many people who rely on Zillow for accuracy soon realize that most properties are already under escrow or contingency. Our system is updated every hour to provide the most up to date information for listings around the Door County Area.  

The initial process is so simple. All you have to do initially is create an initial parameter that isolates your preferred area and price point, and from there, our system will alert you when anything relevant pops up.  

Let us do the heavy lifting, and when something you like when sent your way, reach out to us, so we begin to bring your real estate goals to life.